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DMCC – Dubai Multi Commodities Center Approval Here within the heart of the urban center, at the middle of the Jumeirah Lake Towers district, you’ll realize all you would like to measure, work and thrive. Made for Trade, DMCC has everything to line up, grow and build your business. 3 times topped ‘Global free Zone of the Year’ by the Financial Times FDI magazine, it’s home to a spirited community, innovative infrastructure, best services and a shocking selection of properties, all minutes from the wonderful air, ocean and road links to the planet.

Our fast, straightforward method

It is straightforward to begin your business in our country

Whether you wish to line up a brand new company or just establish an entirely in hand subsidiary in DMCC, we tend to create the method as fast, straightforward and clear as potential. Our friendly team of consultants can guide you thru each step, to induce you up and running quick.
DMCC has been terrible |a really| an awfully corroborative consider the expansion of the organization from the very starting. DMCC offers a diversified platform for trade, co-operation & communication further as infrastructure for doing business and a dynamic perspective.


DMCC has developed a good compliance framework to confirm that DMCC operations square measure in line with native and international laws, rules and best observe. This more ensures that we tend to stay a clear and sure partner and leader. to be told a lot of regarding DMCC’s compliance framework and what you’ll be able to expect from the DMCC country compliance and review team, read our documents below. Setup Your Business in Dubai, UAE. Discover the various benefits of the change of integrity our free port. Join DMCC, the World’s #1 free port & Register Your Company nowadays. Understand however you’ll get wind of your business in Dubai, with our useful guide and links to our form. DMCC has developed an effective compliance framework to confirm that DMCC operations are in line with native and international laws, laws and best observe. Learn about the DMCC Company Setup Fees enclosed in fitting a business here in Dubai for your business or General Trade Licenses.

DMCC has engineered up a robust consistency system to ensure that DMCC activities are in accordance with consistency worldwide laws, directions and best observe. This more guarantees we have a tendency to stay simple and confided in assistant and manager. to require an additional regarding DMCC’s consistency system and what you’ll be able to expect from the DMCC free port consistency and examination cluster, see our archives below.

Document Required for DMCC Approval

  1. (Original) NOC from Tower Developer (action from the client with the assistance of sub-contractor)
  2. Copy of Sales Purchase Agreement/ Title Deed/ Contract Agreement between Tower Developer and Unit Owner (owner fit out) (action from the client)
  3. Fit-out Contractor Letter of Appointment (action from the client)
  4. Contractors documents (trade license, enterprise letter, acceptance letter…etc.) (Action from the most contractor)
  5. DMCC NOC for owner’s Fit out (for leasing purpose) ((action from the client) contact: -Al mas tower initial floor Customer care center)
  6. Brief Scope of labor (action from Subcontractor)

Required Drawing for DMCC Approval

  1. Key plan of entire floor showing respective unit
  2. Existing unit floor plan
  3. Proposed partition lay-out with complete dimensions and legends
  4. Proposed furniture lay-out plan
  5. Reflected ceiling lay-out plan
  6. Flooring lay-out plan with legends
  7. Sectionals and elevation drawings
  8. Existing electrical lighting lay-out plan
  9. Proposed electrical lighting lay-out plan
  10. Existing electrical power lay-out
  11. Proposed electrical power lay-out
  12. Voice and data lay-out
  13. Existing fire alarm lay-out
  14. Proposed fire alarm lay-out
  15. Existing emergency and exit lighting lay-out
  16. Proposed emergency and exit lighting lay-out
  17. Existing firefighting lay-out plan
  18. Proposed firefighting lay-out
  19. Existing HVAC lay-out
  20. Proposed HVSC lay-out
  21. Existing and proposed water supply lay-out (if any)
  22. Existing and proposed sewerage lay-out (if any)
  23. Proposed load schedule
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